Training and consulting

Training and consulting

Discover the secrets of successful cooperation with Chinese partner.

Based on Our years of experience in dealing with Chinese partners and dozens of completed transactions, we can give You practical tips on how to minimize risk in cooperation with Chinese partners.

The cultural gap between West and China is huge and have an impact on business relations at every level. Chinese market is really difficult to deal with. A Big barrier for a business is culture and regulatory system in China. Unawareness might leads to mistakes and consequences can build common misconceptions about doing business with the Chinese partners.

Before you start to import from China, You should learn how to avoid mistakes in dealing with Chinese partners and also learn few secrets of successful cooperation.

We run training courses that include practical knowledge about how to succeed in business with China. In the individual training courses BigChina`s speakers discuss issues related to searching for partners in China, checking their reliability and reveal methods how to minimize a risk in trade with China.  Range and objectives of training are adjusted to the needs of a company.

We serve as an advisor and consultant on trade with China. We offer our suggestions and advises to companies encountered difficulties in dealing with Chinese partners. We assist in the negotiation and agreement with the Chinese,also we can help solving conflict situations at every level of business relations.

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Who are we?

BigChina the best and shortest way to secure your business with China.

Thanks to our cooperation with our partners representing us in China and our own experience based on dozens of successful transactions we are able to provide a wide range of services for securing interests of Polish companies in their business contacts with China.