Veryfication of Chinese partner

Veryfication of Chinese partner

Check the reliability of a potential partner. Just hire us for such an order, and we will check the documents, visit the factory, and even inspect the goods before shipment from China.

Remote inspection

Import is much easier when we have a enough information about Chinese partner. Remote verification include preparation of a report on Chinese company that contains all the available information such as:

  • current contact details of the company along with contact persons
  • company`s official data bank
  • Date of establishment and legal status of a company
  • production place of the goods
  • certificates
  • company registration documents
  • business license
  • export license.

We do not only check to see if the company exists and operates legally, but we also answer a question whether the Chinese partner is manufacturer or import agency. Report also complement with opinion and suggestions regarding possible cooperation with the contractor.

"On site" inspection / factory audit

This service includes a visit to the Chinese partner. The purpose of this visit is determined by our customer. "On site" inspection might include: checking whether factory exist and work, meeting with factory representatives, verifying documents, acquiring information about other customers, visit at working site along with evaluation of production quality and technological capacity of manufacturer. The audit results are presented in a detailed report containing a rating of a Chinese company by a BigChina`s inspector in several areas:

  • factory profile (current data of contractor, checking documents)
  • factory organization and orders process
  • production line and certificates obtained
  • quality assurance system
  • supply of materials for production
  • research and development

In this report we present the strengths and weaknesses of the Chinese partner and suggestions for co-operation.

Audit is essential form of verification, especially for large scale import. This is the best way to check if Your money will be invested to a fair exporter.

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Who are we?

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Thanks to our cooperation with our partners representing us in China and our own experience based on dozens of successful transactions we are able to provide a wide range of services for securing interests of Polish companies in their business contacts with China.