Reports from the Chinese market

Reports from the Chinese market

Your first step to start business with China.

BigChina creates for customers various types of reports of Chinese market. !!!!depending on tasks reports can make easier to cooperate with reliable suppliers, assist in risk assessment and calculation of import costs.

Manufacturers report
The specificity of the Chinese market is a huge range of offers, often involving hundreds of factories producing for customers all over the world. However, selecting a Chinese company that can make products according to our specifications, is not an easy task. Choosing a contractor might be easier with report of selected by BigChina producers about Chinese companies producing the desired product. Such a report is a first step in the search for manufacturers at the Chinese market.

Complete detailed report about manufacturers
In order to familiarize You with the offerings of Chinese manufacturers in specific industry sectors, compare their offers and the total valuation of imports, we can provide a complete detailed report about Chinese producers. This report, in addition to information about the selected manufacturers, has also quotations for products sought in China. It is also enhanced with information on possible restrictions and regulations for import of goods to the European Union and other import costs including transportation, customs and duties on the goods. In this report You can find all of information needed to make decisions on the profitability of imports of the product and its implementation.

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Thanks to our cooperation with our partners representing us in China and our own experience based on dozens of successful transactions we are able to provide a wide range of services for securing interests of Polish companies in their business contacts with China.