Import agency from China

Import agency from China

Let us help you to import, you can save time and money, and most of all save yourself a lot of stress.

Import requires a lot of preparations, which someone, who has never imported, might not know about. Knowledge of the Chinese market, language and culture is essential. All goods imported from China have to go through the customs procedures. Apart from importing products, you still need to know what to do to put goods on the market. It is also necessary to know how to deal with a lot of emergency cases. We know it.

We select the best supplier, ensure the circulation of documents, make inspection of the products, arrange transportation and customs clearance. Due to our cooperation with people representing us in China and with proven partners among shipping companies and customs agencies, we can effectively help our clients with import service.

Our services include:

  • search for Chinese factories offering wanted assortment, offers  comparison and selection of the best option for the importer
  • verifying reliability of Chinese partner
  • arrangement of samples
  • contact with manufacturer for all matters in Chinese and English
  • terms of delivery, price and additional details negotiations with the exporter
  • preparing and completing all the necessary documents for import process
  • import consulting
  • oversight of the import process, contact the third-party companies that support imports, such as forwarding company or customs agency.
  • monitoring of other Chinese exporters, in case of a quick change of supplier
  • inspection of goods after production

Contact details

tel.    +48 12 394 65 04 
mob. +48 511 805 086 

Who are we?

BigChina the best and shortest way to secure your business with China.

Thanks to our cooperation with our partners representing us in China and our own experience based on dozens of successful transactions we are able to provide a wide range of services for securing interests of Polish companies in their business contacts with China.