About us

What sets us apart

Our mission is to instruct European entrepreneurs that import from China is an interesting and profitable type of business, however only if we approach it with a sense reason.

Portal BigChina.pl started in December 2006, gaining the favor of the mainstream media and thousands of people interested in importing from China.
Our b2b service organizes knowledge on import, presents Chinese companies and their products to everyone who wants to import any goods from China.

Rapid development of our web Portal for importers and great interest of investors, created a good atmosphere for the establishment of BigChina Sp. z oo In 31 May 2007

BigChina`s services are made by our customers.
In response to needs of companies interested in cooperation with Chinese partners, we decided to introduce services that are supported by a comprehensive portal BigChina.pl. Services like: creating industry reports, verifying reliability of Chinese exporters and finally the execution of import orders.

Our services are very popular and we have many customers satisfied with our company. We carry dozens of successful transactions for clients in various industries. Through our actions, we saved many entrepreneurs from dealing with dishonest contractors.

Many years of experience in international trade, supported by cooperation with a number of business partners and contacts with thousands of factories and trade associations is our guarantee that every operation we perform in China is a reliable, professional and safe for our customers. With many relations and contacts we are able to accomplish any business on Line China - Europe.

Contact details

tel.    +48 12 394 65 04 
mob. +48 511 805 086 
e-mail: import@bigchina.eu

Who are we?

BigChina the best and shortest way to secure your business with China.

Thanks to our cooperation with our partners representing us in China and our own experience based on dozens of successful transactions we are able to provide a wide range of services for securing interests of Polish companies in their business contacts with China.